LaserSmart CNC laser cutting machines facilitate probing the surface of a tool’s coated cutting edge to detect exact shape and position. The laser cutting process removes just enough diamond coating to make the cutting edge sharp. Only a predetermined amount of the coating, just around the cutting edge, is removed by the laser process.

In-field tests have demonstrated significant tool life increases with a sharpened thick-film coated tool compared to a conventional diamond-coated cutting tool. Such cutting tools are a cost-effective alternative to more expensive PCD tools.

Rollomatic Inc.

Shoulder grooving system

The G3051-P groove turning holder and the MX22-2L/R indexable inserts support grooving along a shoulder. The system features an insert installation position inclined by 3° in the insert pocket. Right- and left-hand inserts are available, and deep grooving operations are possible along the shoulder. The precision-ground, four-edged indexable MX inserts are available with GD8 and VG8 geometries.

The GD8 geometry is for grooving along the shoulders and grooving of large diameters without the insert interfering with the finished workpiece. The VG8 geometry is for finishing operations behind a collar.

The G3051-P grooving system can be used on CNC lathes, multi-spindle machines, and automatic lathes. Holders are available from 0.625" to 1.0" and 12mm to 25mm shank sizes. They allow up to 0.197" (5mm) cutting depths and 0.059" to 0.118" (1.5mm to 3.0mm) insert widths, making them suitable for high volume production of smaller components.

Walter USA