The FP 4000 5-axis horizontal machining center with twin drives in the Z-axis offers productivity and process dependability. Five-axis kinematics are provided by the tool in X-, Y-, C- and/or A-axis; and two axes provided by the workpiece in Z- and B-axis. The machine handles workpiece loads of up to 1,400kg on a 500mm x 630mm pallet.

This machining unit, providing 44kW power and 242N-m torque, is among the most powerful 5-axis, 10,000rpm spindles with HSK63 spindle taper. A 16,000rpm, 40kW machining head is also available.

The power is available at any spatial angle for heavy-duty cutting, combined milling and drilling operations, or 5-sided machining in a single setup. Even in 5-axis simultaneous milling, the machine maintains dimensional and contouring accuracy. Due to its construction and thermal stability, temperature does not influence the machine’s precision.

In combination with a flexible pallet system, system availability can exceed 90% without restrictions in chip-removal rate when equipped with the PCU 63 power cutting universal swivel head unit.

Precision down to the µm range is provided by absolute encoded, direct measuring systems, high-resolution rotary encoders, and YRT bearings with integrated measuring system.

The machine is available with 54-, 80-, 160-, 240-, or 409-place tool magazine and Siemens 840D sl control.

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