Multi-tasking machine

The Spark 2100 T multi-tasking machining center reduces setup time for lean manufacturing practices. The system has an additional turning table fixed in the horizontal machining center’s base that configures the machine as a vertical lathe for optimal performance, accuracy, and stability in turning mode.

The machine’s automatic tool change system (ATC) has an intermediate buffer for tool pre-setting, providing tool change times in less than 8 seconds. A fixed turning head with ATC is also available for deep internal turning operations. An optional, three-point supported, rigid, robust angle head support is offered for radial operation in the internal side of hollow workpieces. The multi-tasking machine also features a rotary table balance control device and tool management software.

Mandelli Sistemi SpA

Self-retaining ball plungers

Installed by hand in an ordinary drill hole, self-retaining ball plungers have a flexible design and compensate for hole tolerances up to 0.008". The slotted end of the thermoplastic body expands to compensate in an oversize hole. The sturdy shoulder of the press-fit ball plunger provides a fixed seating position and positively resists detent force. Available in four sizes, the plungers can be installed in a plain hole, with the shoulder exposed, or slightly counter-bored for flush installation.

Carr Lane Mfg. Co.

Turning tool system

TungTurn-Jet turning tools have high-pressure, double-jet coolant systems that deliver coolant close to cutting edges to form short chips when machining difficult-to-cut materials. Tool life is also extended using the double-jet, preventing flank wear on the insert.

Even when using normal coolant pressure and existing equipment, TungTurn-Jet improves tool life for stainless and alloy steels as well as heat- resistant super alloys. This product line expansion adds new lines to the ISO-EcoTurn range to further expand its turning capability.

Tungaloy America Inc.