Mando Adapt clamps rely on a standard segmented mandrel that delivers fast, reliable, and accurate changeover for OD to ID clamping. The system offers a concentricity of 0.005mm between chuck taper and mandrel taper when turning. For stationary clamping devices, a repeatability of 0.003mm is possible and can be accomplished without readjusting.

The central element is the vulcanized segmented clamping bushing made of case-hardened chromium-nickel-steel with rigid-and-wear resistant segments. This device allows for more exposure of the part for machining without sacrificing holding power or accuracy.

Hainbuch America

3D optical measurement

The Comet L3D 2 Base sensor quickly captures millions of surface points and visualizes them in real time as a 3D model in Calypso software, accelerating inspection time during development and production processes.

With 100mm and 250mm lenses, the sensor provides lower cost of ownership

The system’s configuration comes with a set of components for ease of use: scanner with two field of view (FOV) lenses; Colin3D and Calypso Manual software, including curve and freeform applications; tripod; rotary table; and case. Colin3D software offers intelligent lighting control to maximize data capture on highly reflective surfaces. Calypso Manual software enables dimensional measurement and includes PiWeb reporting, making display and reporting of data easier.

Zeiss Industrial Metrology

Fiber laser system

The SR-F series laser cutting machine features a 3.0m x 1.5m footprint. The SR-F laser is available in 2kW and 3kW. The two-dimensional fiber laser processing system comes standard with a fiber laser resonator, a processing head, and a safety cover. It also includes the Mitsubishi 700 series control with 64-bit numeric control.

Since the light is already in the fiber cable, this allows a flexible path for delivery to a movable focusing element, such as the processing head. The technology eliminates bend mirrors and the need for beam adjustment and alignment, improving consistency.

MC Machinery Inc.