The FHV7-series smart camera features a multi-color light alongside a range of image sensors (0.4MP to 5MP, with 12MP coming in the near future).

Equipped with a multi-color light and an autofocus lens, the FHV7 can respond flexibly to color and size changes to be inspected. This eliminates the need for multiple cameras or manual lens adjustments and ensures compatibility with inspection criteria on lines producing products in varying quantities.

A high-speed algorithm compresses and saves image data faster, while inspecting a second image for complete product traceability.

Omron Automation

Exchange bearing for linear guides

An exchange bearing for the drylin W linear guides allows for swift replacement in high-frequency applications. The lubrication-free, corrosion-resistant liners are made of high-performance polymers for silent and precise sliding of linear guides.

Made with iglide J200 material, the bearing enables easy replacement directly on the linear rail in a few simple steps, reducing downtime, saving setup costs, and ensuring 24/7 operation.

Installation sizes of 16 and 20 are available, in addition to installation size 10 for expanded use. This allows linear robots, linear axes, and drylin W linear guides to be easily retrofitted. A pin in the middle of the side cover secures the liner in the linear housing. Special recesses allow replacement with a screwdriver.


Double-column 5-axis machine

The BX40Ui 5-axis CNC double-column machining center features a trunnion table mounted along the Y-axis. The ladder structure and double-column design provides rigidity and support to the head casting. With an 18k motorized spindle and oversized linear guide rollers, the machine is suitable for various applications.

The machining center has UltiMotion technology, which determines the optimal trajectory to run the tool, provides consistent programmed feed rates, and reduces cycle times 30% or more. Multiple programming methods are supported by the technology, including conversational for 5-sided programming without CAM system needed; NC for simultaneous 5-axis; and NC/conversational merge that optimizes efficiency. The 3D Import control creates transform planes automatically for 5-sided conversational programming that eliminates data entry requirements.

With UltiMotion, cornering velocity is 2.5x faster than conventional motion and machine jerk is reduced by half.

Hurco Companies Inc.

Grooving tools

The expanded line of GBA grooving tools now includes Grade PR1625 for steel and stainless-steel applications.

It has high hardness and toughness with a highly stable carbide base material and megacoat nano-coating technology for wear resistance when grooving light-interrupted to heavily-interrupted cuts.

The grooving system features inserts with three usable cutting edges available in grades PR1215 for general purpose grooving, TN620 for surface-finish oriented grooving, and stable PR1625 for more interrupted cuts. The insert’s GM chipbreakers maintain smooth chip control, providing a more stable groove in various shallow grooving applications.

Kyocera Precision Tools Inc.

Chip control for small parts

The MiniForce-Turn line has expanded to include the -JS style chipbreaker, offering chip control and machining stability.

The tools feature a double-sided positive insert and seat interface for secure location, which provides free cutting, the same as standard, single-sided positive inserts while enhancing maximum stability and tool economy.

The cutting edge’s large inclination angle helps produce smooth chip flow and light cutting condition. The geometry eliminates chip nests, decreasing part scraps and machine downtime, while improving finishing quality. The chipbreaker is available on 6-cornered WXGU0403 inserts and 4-cornered DXGU0703 and VXGU09T2 inserts.

Tungaloy America Inc.