The MAM72-70V high-speed, large capacity 5-axis vertical machining center (VMC) can handle larger workpieces than existing MAM72 models and offers faster response times. A table equipped with a roller gear drive for the 4th axis and direct-drive motor for the 5th axis achieves 50rpm and 100rpm rapid traverse rates respectively.

The standard model is available as a twin pallet; with optional capacity, it can store 18 pallets in a tower system. Tool storage capacity may be extended to 530 tools (matrix-type magazine).

The Internet of things (IoT)-ready VMC delivers measurable remote and real-time monitoring of the machine status, condition, and performance.

Matsuura Machinery USA Inc.

Augmented-reality vision system

The Lynx vision-based inspection solution automatically detects non-conforming issues in large-scale assembly processes. The system’s advanced mathematical algorithms compare reference images to images of the item being inspected. Deviations are immediately identified as potential compliance issues.

Lynx AR adds augmented reality (AR) to the inspection functions of the original Lynx system. It helps operators install components such as brackets, clips, and standoffs so the right part will be in the correct place and in the proper orientation. Pictures projected for each part at the proper location with assembly instructions greatly reduce assembly time and ensure accuracy in production. After assembly is complete, the system can inspect and document the as-built condition. The system can then generate an inspection report that documents the proper installation of all the features.

Accurex Measurement Inc.

Hybrid laser

The LS3015HL advanced hybrid laser machine offers high-efficiency, high-tolerance, multi-step production by combining high-speed fiber laser cutting with turret punch forming and tapping functions.

Laser processing (2.5kW, 4.0kW, or 6.0kW) is performed on a standard laser pallet using a flying optics system. The material is then transferred to a brush table with fork units using precision clamps to hold the material in place, creating a seamless table transfer from cutting to forming operations, while maintaining 0.001" tolerances. The machine supports various forming processes with upper and lower servo drives and performs servo-controlled tapping for machine and roll-type taps.

The hybrid laser is automation ready and integrates with Muratec’s 6- or 8- drawer sheet metal tower loader and finished parts sorter, FG3015TL. Load the tower with stainless, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, carbon steel, or exotic alloy sheets and the automation system allows 24 hours of unattended production.

Murata Machinery USA Inc.