TalonGrip long length serrated grips drop-fit into the original 6" TalonGrip jaw set and provide line contact the full length of the workpiece. The 0.75" (19mm) long TalonGrip grips and designed to be placed anywhere in the jaw whenever specific tooling clearance is required. TalonGrips can offer low-profile workholding opposite Pitbull Clamps.

Manufactured from S7 steel, heat-treated and then finished with a black oxide coating, each long length grip is laser engraved with a 10mm scale, providing multiple reference points for repeatable part placement.

Mitee-Bite LLC

ER solid collets

ER-ready driven units combine with solid ER collets threaded to accept screw-on milling cutters. The combination turns a CNC lathe machine into a milling machine by allowing small diameter screw-on milling cutters to be used on ER driven units.

Turret adapter clamping units (TACU) ER and the solid ER collets are available in sizes ER25 through ER40 with thread sizes ranging from M08 through M16, offering machining center-like capabilities to live tool lathes. Standard ER collets can be used with solid end mills, or solid ER collets together with screw-on indexable milling cutters.

Sealed for through-the-tool coolant, there is a 1mm standoff for additional clearance on larger end mills with a precision-ground locating boss for minimal runout.

Kennametal Inc.

Air preparation

AIROS family of air preparation products expands its catalog, adding Premium series (PG) to the existing MG series of filters, regulators, lubricators, and accessories.

Bimba Manufacturing

Camera module

The NXP i.MX 8M Plus camera module features a dual camera image signal processor (ISP), providing real-time processing for clear images and a neural network accelerator delivering up to 2.3 terra operations per second (TOPs) for extensive machine learning capabilities.

Features include a premium 4K sensor with high dynamic range (HDR). The image data can be processed smoothly by the i.MX 8M Plus, optimized for the sensor’s HDR feature.

Two add-on camera kits coordinated with the system on a chip (SoC) contain the hardware components and drivers to run the camera module with the NXP i.MX 8M Plus without programming.

Basler AG

Hardness tester

The HR-600 hardness tester checks various workpieces ranging from metal to plastic parts, and supports Rockwell and Light Force Brinell hardness testing. Its moving head reaches up to 10mm/s within a 210mm range.

Touch-enabled screens allow users to view results directly, choosing from five different displays [standard operating, simple, multi-point test, list display (mean value) and list display (5-point display)]. Users can directly select the hardness scale of their choice, and statistical analysis features can analyze multiple test results, streamlining workflow and reducing measurement and analysis time.

Mitutoyo America Corp.

Vibration welding system

VW6000 series with Melt-Match servo-driven vibration welding machines simplify vibration welding and improve cycle times, weld quality, and consistency. The Melt-Match plastic welding process repeatably detects melt transition from solid to molten state and controls thermoplastic melt flow during welding.

Melt-Match improves force sensing and provides digital force read-out, providing better control of the trigger and welding force.

The Melt-Detect feature resumes motion once the plastic material has started to melt, avoiding weld-joint deformation and cold welds to produce uniform melting and a hermetic seal.

Melt-Match parameters control welding in motion in real-time with closed-loop force and weld velocity control that can be programmed in 10 independent segments to match the material’s melt flow rate.

Dukane Corp.

ID grinding

The Voumard 1000 Universal CNC internal grinding (IG) machine offers a high-performance grinder for fine surface finishes and tight tolerances that can optimize production costs when manufacturing high-precision parts. It also includes a rigid base and hydrostatic guideways on all axes, as well as a new user interface on the controls.

Hardinge Inc.