A Freedom arm model in action.

Freedom portable 3D-articulating measuring arms include a 6-axis model for touch probing and a 7-axis version for multi-sensor metrology and laser scanning. Both are available in two accuracy levels and the four products come in six sizes with a reach up to 5m (197").

Their portability is suited for line-side measuring and inspection, while their compactness allows use on machine tools for in-process quality control. The 24-product platform can also be used for reverse engineering applications, virtual assembly design environments, and 3D modeling.

The 6-axis arms are for tactile inspection:

  • Freedom classic, entry-level
  • Freedom select, enhanced accuracy with calibration bar

The extra degree of freedom on 7-axis arms provides infinite movement and enables laser scanning with a Nikon Metrology ModelMaker H120, MMDx100, or MMDx200.

Freedom classic scan portable measuring arm in its case.

Touch probing accuracy is certified to ISO 10360-12 before delivery, and the arms can be supplied with aluminum and carbon fiber probe kits, styli, mounting rings (including some with a magnetic or vacuum base), tripods, rolling stands, and carts with a granite top.

Carbon fiber tubular construction maintains stability against challenging conditions. Infinite rotation and a proprietary counterbalance provide light manual movements for ease of use when accessing awkward areas of a component. The largest Freedom arm model weighs less than 11kg (24 lb), easing setup and repositioning. The arms incorporate absolute rotary encoders to feed back every joint’s angular position to the control software.

Wi-Fi connectivity and battery power allow portable wireless touch probing. The arm can be stowed and locked in place between measurements and when it is being relocated.

Equipment can be used immediately on start-up, without calibrating the probe before use, improving productivity. A highly repeatable probe connection allows probes to be swapped quickly without interrupting measuring. An LCD display with quick-access menu on the probe provides information for the operator during measurement.

LK Metrology Inc.