The FH630SXi 5-axis machine performs complex part production and multi-surface processing in one setup on a 630mm platform. A tilting swivel motion processes large workpieces.

The pallet, pallet height, and workpiece restrictions (swing, height, and weight) match existing FH630SX-i horizontal machining centers.

It features an 8,000rpm high-torque spindle, with an optional 15,000rpm high-power, multi-use spindle and a replaceable taper design for high maintainability. The tilting spindle comes with a C-axis drivetrain and an enlarged C-axis swivel range of 230° for wider components.

Toyoda Americas Corp. 

Rotary encoders

ECN/EQN 1000S, ROC/ROQ 1000S, and ECN/EQN 1100S rotary encoders with integrated Siemens Drive-CLiQ interface feature a compact design with 35mm diameter, while permitting an operating temperature of 95°C.

The combination adds to existing small-diameter 1000/1100 series encoders with the same mounting dimensions using EnDat and SSI interfaces.

ECN/EQN 1100S encoders for motor integration feature a 23-bit single-turn resolution and a 12-bit resolution mechanical multiturn gear. The encoders also include a 6mm hollow shaft with anti-rotation element and a stator coupling. They are mechanically connected by axial clamping with mechanical fault exclusion.

ECN/EQN 1000S series rotary encoders are available with a 6mm blind hollow shaft for radial clamping and a stator coupling, while the ROC/ROQ 1000S series encoders are available with a 4mm solid shaft and a synchro flange.

Heidenhain Corp.

Workpiece positioning system

The manual WPS and WPS-PPD workpiece positioning systems feature a manual zero-point clamping system for turning, milling, inspection, and finishing. They can reduce setup time up to 90% without requiring conventional clamping devices. Accessories and adapters ensure flexible clamping (without interfering with machining or contours) of nearly every workpiece geometry, making them suitable for 5-axis machining. All clamping modules are proof-line sealed, reducing maintenance.

WPS series’ clamping pins with adapter for workpiece clamping or top mounting are case hardened with corrosion-resistant coating. The M12 or M16 mounting screws maxize stability and stiffness. Clamping modules come in 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, and 160mm heights. Clamping modules can be mounted on a T-slotted table or grid plate manufactured with tempered steel with a coating to protect against rust and contaminants.

SMW Autoblok