How air travel rebounds

Honeywell Aerospace surveys reveal what gives travelers the confidence to fly again.

To fly or not

34% have flown during the pandemic

66% haven’t flown

54% haven’t flown but are ready to within 12 months

42% will fly during the pandemic withhygiene precautions



57% rate cleanliness/hygiene the top reason for choosing an airline

49% want assurance of airport/aircraft cleanliness; mandatory mask, glove use; ability to social distance


Airliner cabin and seating

81% want airlines to provide complimentary masks, sanitizer, surface wipes


65% want ultraviolet (UV) light cleaning

16% will self-clean their area

12% prefer airline staff to clean


Since March 2020

61% of flyers positively rated airport cleanliness, precautions

58% of flyers positively rated flight cleanliness, precautions

40% of recent air travelers say airport experiences make them more likely to travel again

15% say they are less likely to travel


48% say a COVID-19 vaccine is the top motivator to return to air travel



Two surveys polled more than 4,200 adults online in the U.S., U.K., Middle East, Turkey, and Central/Eastern Europe. Half reported they fly for business; 68% fly at least 5x per year.