Structur3D Printing has launched the Inj3ctor platform, combining principles of injection molding with 3D printing for aerospace manufacturing.

Using 3D printing technology combined with rubber/silicone injection molding, Structur3D allows small-batch manufacturing of high-quality, custom products without increased costs.

By injecting a 3D-printed mold with professional-quality materials, manufacturers can create custom products that are viable from prototyping to production.

The Inj3ctor platform creates 3D-printed products with factory-grade rubber materials, such as silicones and polyurethanes.

Metal 3D printing calculator

The Production Metal Cost Calculator estimates per-part costs for binder jet 3D printing a precision metal part, allowing quick comparisons to other forms of traditional and additive manufacturing.

The tool requires just a few easy inputs – material, machine, part dimensions, and volume – and is based on the purchase of any one of ExOne’s four Pro series printers.