ECO linear stage series feature excellent positioning specifications and high stiffness. ECO stages can be integrated into complex machines with the expectation of high-level performance and long lifespan. There are 44 models offered with travels from 50mm to 800mm. Vacuum and cleanroom versions are also available.


Mouser Electronics to distribute Astrodyne TDI

Officials from global developer and manufacturer of specialized power solutions Astrodyne TDI have signed a global distribution agreement with the management of Mouser Electronics, an authorized semiconductor and electronic component distributor, to deliver Astrodyne TDI EMI filter products worldwide.

Astrodyne TDI’s EMI filter solutions are suitable for consumer appliances, test and measurement equipment, military/aerospace designs, elevators, renewable energy inverters, and telecommunication systems.

Mouser stocks semiconductors and electronic components.

Astrodyne TDI

Mouser Electronics

Lubrication management app

Available on the iPAD, the GTILube app uses UE System’s sensor technology to baseline and measure changes in the ultrasound signal to determine when a bearing needs lubrication. Using NASA standards for ultrasound measurement, an 8dB increase signals a need for lubrication and a 12dB increase indicates early bearing failure.

An integrated calculator determines the acceptable amount of lubrication for the bearing based on its geometry and the value is displayed on-screen when measurement exceeds the alert level. Users can also enter and display the type of grease for each bearing.

GTI Predictive Technology

Motor feedback system

The Sendix 36 motor feedback system operates servo motors of various sizes, performance levels, electrical interfaces, and technical requirements, including high rotational speed and high-temperature factory automation systems.

With a 36mm housing, the S36 handles single-turn and multi-turn variants, as well as medium-to-high power ranges. The reduced number of motor variants saves space and operating costs.

Using phased array sensor technology, the S36 maintains consistently high signal quality in the presence of shock and vibration, achieving resolutions up to 2,048ppr sin/cos or 24 bits (fully digital).


Digital differential impedance transducer

The digital differential impedance transducer (DDIT) provides a digital interface for high-speed eddy current measurement systems, with resolution in the micro-inch range, at bandwidths as high as 60kHz. Using a standard 9D connector for reading data, power, and control signals, the system operates from a single power supply with a range of 8V to 28V.

With sensors tuned for specific applications, the DDIT system uses two matched sensor pairs for optimum operation for each channel. Input signals are filtered and scaled to remove common mode noise and provide a drive signal. Signal processing provides digital filtering as part of signal conditioning, reducing noise.

The Digital DIT system samples at 8x the data rate. Oversampling provides higher resolution, delivering signal resolution that is 8x better than a system sampling at the Nyquist rate.

Kaman Precision Products

3D vision camera

The modular Ensenso X 3D system with high-resolution 5MP industrial cameras features the IMX264 CMOS Sony sensor, providing expanded field of view, higher resolution, and lower noise levels.

The system consists of a 100W projector, to which two industrial cameras can be mounted at variable distances. An updated software development kit gives the camera system greater flexibility and power.

Larger field of view reduces the distance between the camera system and object. To capture a packed Euro pallet with a volume of 120cm x 80cm x 100cm required only 1.25m distance. The Z-accuracy has improved from 0.43mm to 0.2mm. Other advantages include up to 35% greater lateral resolution with more than 30% less noise, so details and depth information are captured more precisely.

IDS Imaging Development Systems Inc.