The V650 Flex stereolithography 3D printer from Stratasys is a large-scale system with a configurable environment for fine-tuning across various resins – giving customers greater accuracy, choice, and lower costs in 3D-printed prototype and part development.

With a build volume of 20" x 20" x 23" and interchangeable vats, the printer achieves more than 75,000 hours of runtime and more than 150,000 produced parts. The V650 Flex produces durable, highly complex and accurate parts.

The open vat configuration of the V650 Flex comes with recipes for DSM Somos resins including:

  • Somos element: Antimony-free stereolithography resin for strong, stable investment casting patterns with fine-feature detail, low residual burnout ash
  • Somos NeXt: Resin provides the accuracy of stereolithography with the look, feel, performance of a thermoplastic
  • Somos PerFORM: Material for applications that require strong, stiff, high-temperature resistant parts such as tooling and wind tunnel testing
  • Somos Watershed XC 11122: ABS and PBT-like properties for stereolithography; produces highly detailed, dimensionally stable, optically-clear parts with water resistance

3D metal printing

Jointly designed by GF Machining Solutions and 3D Systems, the DMP Factory 500 is a workflow-optimized metal additively manufactured (AM) printing solution that creates large parts with increased quality and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers.

The DMP Factory 500 allows aerospace manufacturers to develop dedicated AM factories. This workflow-optimized 3D metal printing solution forms the cornerstone of scalable metal AM production of seamless large parts. It offers scalability, high throughput, and low TCO for parts up to 1,650" x 1,650" x 1,650" (4,190cm x 4,190cm x 4,190cm).

It overcomes challenges including control of part quality, cost, workflows, and scalability.

Lincoln Electric acquires Baker Industries

Advancing its automation capabilities, Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc. acquired Baker Industries Inc., a privately held Detroit, Michigan-based provider of custom tooling, parts, and fixtures.

Lincoln Electric's new metal additive manufacturing (AM) service, launching in mid-2019, will provide large-scale metal printing of industrial parts, tooling, and prototypes for customers, leveraging Lincoln Electric’s capabilities in automation, software development, and metallurgy. The Baker operation, along with a new Cleveland, Ohio-based AM development center, will provide an AM platform to help improve lead times, designs, and quality.