Reamtec easyZero runout compensation nuts with improved precision allow for up to 0.002" (0.050mm) runout to be dialed in. Within minutes, users can correct runout errors and misalignment for round tools using ER collets. Replacement nuts feature six adjustment screws that improve machining accuracy, creating parts tighter to tolerance with better surface finishes. By controlling runout, users spend less time tapping and resetting tools and collets, increasing production capability and reducing scrap and out-of-tolerance parts. Concentric cutting equally distributes the chip load, providing longer tool life and lower tool costs for reamers, drills, end mills, and round tools.

Five sizes are available to fit ER16 to ER40 collets. The easyZero nut is available along with a hex key, spanner, and ER collet in four different kits.

Monaghan Tooling Group

Laser tool sharpening

VLaser 270 laser-based sharpeners include kinematics for fast, high-precision machining of ultra-hard cutting materials, keeping tools in the center of the focal points based on the C-axis. This makes it possible to machine tools with minimal axis movement and ensures stable process control and high path accuracy, improving machining accuracy and tool quality.

It works without making contact, without tool wear, and without significant thermal influence to sharpen cutting tool edges tipped with polycrystalline diamond (PCD) or other ultra-hard materials.

The VLaser 270 can be equipped with a counter-point to achieve even higher concentricity and can be combined with HC 4 tool change automation used for other Vollmer machines. Automatic settings are also available.

Vollmer of America Corp.