Extending the Z-axis allows a 500mm x 280mm x 850mm powder bed fusion build envelope, and a quad-laser configuration with 400W or 700W lasers allows the SLM 800 to build large components at up to 171cm3/hour. Efficient build rate, large build envelope, integrated powder handling, and selective laser melting’s design freedom enable large-scale production parts.

Optimized inert gas flow efficiently removes soot from the build chamber, creating constant conditions at the work surface and protecting the beam entry glass from contamination that could hinder the lasers.

A laser-overlap strategy provides comparable density, and mechanical property results in overlap and single-laser scan areas. Altering the exact laser overlap layer by layer avoids a visible seam or mechanical weak point in the finished component.

A metal recoating brush, permanent filter module, and centralized powder supply enable large builds. Offered with a manual unpacking station for single- machine setups, the SLM HUB and optional build cylinder magazine create an automated, multi-machine production manufacturing cell.

SLM Solutions NA Inc.

Slim hydraulic chucks

High-accuracy hydraulic chucks in slim-bodied PHC-S holders are for use in tight spaces. PHC-SA holders combine dual clamping-point system stability and 3µm accuracy with access into narrow workpieces previously only possible with shrink-fit holders.

The oil chamber around the chucking sleeve absorbs cutting vibrations that solid metal-body shrink fit-holders can’t, allowing for higher accuracy and a smoother work surface. An electro-magnetic rust-proof coating ensures lifetime accuracy.

Setup requires only a one-handed hex wrench to clamp the cutting tool, minimizing downtime and eliminating the risk of burns associated with shrink-fit chucking.

The PHC-SA is available in HSK, CAT (standard and two-face contact), BT (standard and two-face contact), and UTS shank styles. They are offered in 1/4" to 1" diameter inch sizes, 6mm to 25mm diameter metric sizes, and custom sizes.

NT Tool (NT USA Corp.)

7-flute, high-efficiency end mill

The H-Carb 7-flute high-efficiency end mill is suitable for deep axial trochoidal and high-speed machining applications at various lengths of cut. The specialized core and flute design improve rigidity and chip flow while reducing deflection. Seven flutes allow for consistent finishes at higher speed and feed rates versus 5- and 6-flute tools.

The series is offered in various cut lengths and end configurations with Ti-NAMITE-M or Ti-NAMITE-A coatings for longer tool life and higher performance in ferrous materials and high temperature alloys.

More than 500 items are available in fractional sizes from 1/4" to 1" and in metric sizes from 6mm to 25mm. Chip breakers are standard to aid in chip flow, especially in deep pocketing operations. The specialized design allows for shallow, straight-line, or helical ramping tool paths for optimal workpiece entry.

Kyocera SGS Precision Tools