The LR 35 Vertical Buffer Module storage and retrieval unit can pick and deliver small parts quickly to meet demands for greater flexibility, ergonomics, and energy efficiency in intralogistics.

The system can pick small parts from bins, totes, and trays in small- and medium-sized warehouses, handling single-part or small-volume orders. The unit includes a shelf system with automatic bin handling, picking stations, and its own logistics software.

The LR 35 can be fitted with up to four access openings or picking stations. Each station has a turntable tilted at a 20° angle for ergonomic, stress-free operation. While the operator picks one order, the LR 35 prepares the next bin and places it on the turntable’s rear shelf. Once the picking process is complete, the turntable rotates 180° and the next bin is ready for picking, minimizing wait times.

Goods can be stored in standard bins/totes or on a tray compatible with a mini-load system without time-consuming repacking. Trays, bins, or totes of different heights can be mixed and stored together. Each load carrier can hold up to 77 lb (35kg).

The module’s lightweight design incorporates a shelf system and aisle where a movable mast with rotating gripper quickly loads the picking stations. All LR 35 versions use standardized components to enhance the unit’s scalability.

The LR 35 consumes one-third of the energy of a mini-load system, eliminating the need for an energy recovery system. Modern drive technology, highly efficient motors, and optimally configured frequency converters also save energy.

The LR 35 can be adapted to fit existing buildings and conveyors by fitting conveyor connections on the unit’s front, rear, or end face.

Kardex Remstar LLC