Robotic blasting system

The RB-9, robotic blasting system features a 4ft × 4ft × 4ft cabinet with a Fanuc M10iA 6-axis robot, protected with a hypalon robot suit, that serves as a nozzle manipulator. Turntable rotation or positioning is powered by a servomotor and controlled as a 7th axis of coordinated robotic motion. A crane slot in the roof of the blast enclosure, an overhead jib crane, or a track extension and powered transfer cart facilitate loading of heavy components. The system can be built as a single- or multiple-nozzle pressure-blast machine or with suction-blast media delivery.

A custom fixture keeps the part mounted in the cabinet for a direct blast in the right sections with a continuous servo for part rotation. High-performance cyclone reclaimers are lined with high-durometor urethane resist abrasives. A long-cone design creates a high-velocity separation of fines and fractured media from reusable material. Fine-tuning vents on the cyclone enable adjustments for maximum separation efficiency, and a tuning vortex for adjusting media grit size. The system has a Guyson model D-2000 dust collector with efficiency of 99.99% for particles of 0.5µm and larger.

Guyson Corp.

Angle head catalog

An illustrated, 28-page catalog provides specifications on standard Heimatec heads. Custom designs for application-specific uses are included to demonstrate the adaptability of engineering in solving customer challenges.

Made from high-tensile strength aluminum with high-precision spindle bearings to maintain maximum concentricity, the angle heads feature gears made from wear-resistant steel specially hardened, ground, and lapped in sets to provide smooth transmission output.

Applications for angle heads include milling, drilling, and tapping, especially in tight and compound angles or deep recesses.

Heimatec Inc.

Robot teaching process

RoboTeach solutions enable greater efficiency and accuracy when setting up robot automation on CNC grinding machines. Automating RoboMate Fanuc 200iD robot teaching decreases downtime, supports greater productivity, and reduces the need for specialized operator skills. Robot teaching time can be reduced from several hours to less than 30 minutes.

Consistent robot teaching improves grinding accuracy and cycle times. The machine-run program uses the grinding machine to measure the robot position, automatically teaching and calibrating robot positioning. An electrical contact touch probe held in the robot gripper and a mandrel locate the position of the machine collet adaptor and tool storage pallets.

Instructions on the operator screen guide the user on how to teach the Fanuc robot with ANCA Loadermate software. Instructions ensure the operator can quickly and easily teach the robot positions and coordinates.


High-speed spindles

The PCM Swiss 4X high speed spindles for select Citizen Swiss machines allow more productive performance from existing micro drills, end mills, and high-speed thread milling tooling. The spindles feature a low-profile planetary style gear system.

The 4X Models GSC510 and GSC110 fit many Citizen A, L, M and the new L32 series machines, providing easy installation and operation. The housing design seals out cutting oil for reliable, long life. Higher rotational output speeds minimize burrs, improve surface finishes, and eliminate secondary operations. The Rego-Fix ER8 Collet is standard for the full range of micro tool holding.

Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc.

Customized chucks

The Model 650 chuck uses only one clamping jaw for contour grinding into special cutting tools. A face mounted V-block jaw is bolted to the chuck face to pick up the V-locating surfaces of the special cutting tools. A bolt on the V is made of hardened tool steel, and is wire-cut to finish size. To insure the flat on the moving jaw aligns with the tool flats, an insert allows the flat to rotate into position, ensuring full contact.

Northfield Precision Instrument Corp.

Break-in lubricity, protection

Gear component manufacturers can achieve break-in lubricity, corrosion protection, and galling resistance with the Tru temp low temperature black oxide process. The solution meets demanding finishing requirements while creating a non-dimensional finish, maintaining the same material hardness and load-bearing properties.

The Tru Temp blackening line operates at 200°F and forms a satin black magnetite finish that protects surfaces in storage, shipment, and startup; resists galling; and aids in break-in. Applied in 30 minutes, the Tru Temp finish is Mil Spec and RoHS compliant, and withstands up to 120 hours of neutral salt spray or several hundred hours of humidity. The finish has a 0.5µm crystalline structure that allows it to effectively hold a rust inhibitor and serves as a sacrificial barrier to provide break-in lubricity and galling resistance.

Birchwood Technologies