The KNe3G gear grinding machine offers users flexible production of small and medium lot sizes. Low machine bed height and a short distance to the machine elements provide ergonomic manual loading, while an integrated measuring system optimizes setup and toothing alignment.

A Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl control system with KNgrind software interactively guides input of machining task parameters.

The tool drive offers speeds up to 6,700rpm for constant cutting speed with high stability. With no counter- bearing and an integrated automatic HSK tool holder, worm change can be performed quickly.

A standardized machine interface allows easy connection to automation systems or robots.


Internal threading, grooving modular system

For internal threading and grooving applications, the Carmex Modular Line (ML) uses a single boring bar that can be fitted with multiple adapters offering high accuracy, easy adjustment, and full repeatability. Coated with abrasive-resistant nickel, the ML adapters can be used with all Carmex standard thread turning inserts sizes: 16mm, 22mm, and 27mm. The 16mm grooving inserts fit MLR-L 16-32 and MLR-L 16-40 adapters.

The boring bars and adapters are designed for use with internal high-pressure as well as conventional coolant.

Carmex Precision Tools LLC

Wireless micrometer

Mahr’s Micromar 40 EWRi digital micrometer can wirelessly transfer measurement data to an i-Stick on a computer, using MarCom software. Measuring data transmits directly into MS Excel or via a keyboard code into a Windows program or existing statistical process control (SPC) application.

The MarConnect integrated wireless interface is active as soon as the i-Stick is plugged in, and each micrometer/caliper/indicator is identified in the MarCom software so there are no confusing signals. Integrating the transmitters into the gage electronics extends battery life.

A high-contrast digital display features 10mm digits and offers tolerance and warning limits.The reference zero position, set once, remains stored for all further measurements. A digital lock function allows measured values to be read easily.

The inductive measuring system exceeds international standards, while IP65 protection against dust, coolants, and lubricants allows the device’s use in difficult manufacturing environments.

Mahr Inc.