The HEX RC 6-axis motion controller, for controlling robotic systems such as hexapods, is 4U rack-mountable and compatible with the Automation 3200 (A3200) motion platform. A high-performance processor can run up to 32 axes; perform complex, synchronized motion trajectories; manipulate I/O; and collect data at high speeds.

The HEX RC features 6-axes of drives capable of controlling combinations of brush, brushless, or stepper motors. It digitally performs current-loop and servo-loop closures to ensure positioning accuracy and performance. It connects and controls up to 26 additional axes of servo, stepper, or piezo-driven stages using the A3200 distributed control architecture.

An ASCII command interface over TCP/IP offers control in applications such as beamlines, or Hex RC can act as a master controller to manage A3200 external drives via FireWire. It accepts amplified-sine or digital encoders while optional integrated encoder multipliers, up to X4096, ensure high-resolution positioning.


One-piece conduit fittings

HelaGuard Ultra Fittings’ nonmetallic conduit fittings with separate parts come in a single package, with the conduit insert and sealing washer preinstalled and the locknut included.

The fitting has fast, snap-on features with integrated sealing technology to provide IP66 through IP69K ingress protection with both fine- and coarse-pitch conduit. PA66 nylon ensures resistance against salts, oils, weak acids, and solvents. Ultra Fittings can withstand vibration, constant movement, impact, and abrasion.

The line includes straight, 45°, and 90° configurations with a choice of metric or NPT threads.


DVP proportional valves

DVP series 2-way proportional solenoid control valves are designed as the next generation of the original EV line of Clippard Mouse valves. With a life of more than 1 billion cycles, the valves provide air or gas flow control, and vary the output flow based on the current input to the solenoid. The consistent gain of the valve offers a high degree of control.

The valve may be controlled using DC current, open- or closed-loop control, and pulse-width modulation (PWM) to cover a range of applications.


Lightweight hybrid sensors

A range of miniature, lightweight hybrid sensors offers force, displacement, pressure, strain, and acceleration measurements within high-volume original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and test applications.

The hybrid sensors use precision foil strain gages, adhesively bonded to flat substrates and constructed of either metal, composite, or polymer. Using the same high-volume production equipment as precision strain gages, the family of strain-gage based hybrid sensors offer consistent batch-to-batch performance. Customers may incorporate an optional miniature signal amplifier as either a stand-alone component or attached to the sensor.

Hybrid sensors may be attached via mounting holes with choice of screws, spot welding, or clamping, thereby eliminating adhesive bonding requirements. The hybrid sensors are optionally available with pre-attached lead wires and connectors, for simplified customer handling without soldering requirements.

Vishay Precision Group


Flow, temperature sensors

Based on the calorimetric measurement principle, FlexFlow sensors can monitor flow velocity as well as media temperature. The sensors have IO-Link and, depending on settings and connections, either two switching outputs or one switching and one analog output (4...20mA/ 0...10V). Combining two measuring functions in one sensor reduces the number of measuring points in closed systems. With a symmetrical, centered design, sensors can be installed in the process independent of their installation position and orientation.

Several sensors can be simultaneously configured via IO-Link, simplifying switching point adjustment for different process stages during setup or batch changeover. Diagnostic data polling and evaluation increases system uptime. FlexFlow sensors’ stainless-steel housing with integrated electronics and evaluation unit do not require complex wiring, control cabinet assembly, or additional user interfaces. All models are temperature resistant to 150°C and CIP and SIP-capable.

Baumer USA

Versa telemanipulator

Available sealed or unsealed, The Central Research Laboratories (CRL) Versa telemanipulator system offers medium-duty (MD) and heavy-duty (HD) models with lifting capacities of 20 lb (9.0kg) and 50 lb (22.7kg), respectively. Its customizable, three-piece design is suitable for sensitive remote-handling applications.

Features include manual command arm Z indexing, removable/changeable wrist joints, a remote-mounted drive system, and a seal tube for interchangeable use with MD or HD models.

The VR8 handle system, conceived after an ergonomic assessment conducted by The Ohio State University, SRIErgonomics group, offers handle adjustability, a pronounced heel to prevent slippage, a longer handle length, and a quick-release clamp for tool-free changeouts.

Central Research Laboratories (CRL), A Destaco Co.