Heidenhain interactive training (HIT) version 3.0 provides advanced and apprentice-level skilled training for NC users using Heidenhain TNC protocols.

Guided programming provides realistic practice with Klartext programing and DIN/ISO programming within the learning packet. Errors in operation are excluded by the learning software, and users receive tips when they make incorrect entries. A help function checks the solution and offers feedback, determining the success level of an exercise or test.

HTML5 technology allows the system to run in most mobile and desktop browsers. For Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices, the Moodle learning platform provides an app to use content offline.


Low-weight, hybrid cables

Tethered drone cables combine power and fiber optic cables with durable, lighter-weight materials in a hybrid solution. The high-performance cables maximize tether management system (TMS) availability, provide more design options and payload, and enable greater drone operational capability.

Smaller and lighter without sacrificing mechanical durability and electrical performance, they have a dielectric that is 20% smaller than standard nylon cables. Greater weight stability in harsh fluids increases design/payload options and operating height. The cables withstand crushing, abrasion, repeated reeling, extreme temperatures, and weather. The single-mode fiber optic cable meets ARINC 802-2 requirements and provides a high crush resistance with low insertion loss, ensuring a secure data link from the drone to the ground support equipment (GSE). The fiber braid cable jacket is low friction and resists abrasion induced during operation or by the TMS.

W. L. Gore & Associates Inc.

Machine data tracking

The Manage MyMachine app allows the builder, machine shop, production department, or contract manufacturer to access a company’s digitalization, working through Siemens Mindsphere cloud-based platform-as-a-service.

The platform provides full data tracking of machine kinematics and production data.

Builders monitor the global install base while shops and production departments, system integrators, and other partners access a display of all CNC equipment.

Critical machine tool information, from bearing temperature to production by shift or job, is accessible in a selectable priority scale. Unexpected line downtimes and off-normal machine kinematic conditions can be identified and corrected. Predicitive maintenance can anticipate an upcoming failure, alerting a local distributor to deliver necessary components. Resource consumption and energy use are also trackable in the cloud and in real-time.

Siemens Industry Inc.

Mist, smoke collectors

The Filtermist FX-series removes oil mist and smoke created by metalworking machinery.

Collectors are vvailable in four sizes from 300cfm to 1,200cfm, and its flexible design allows them to be mounted directly to the top of a machine tool, on a stand, or suspended from a factory ceiling.

Royal Products

20MP camera series

Four high-resolution ace U models with Sony IMX183 sensors offer 20MP resolution at frame rates of up to 17 frames per second (fps).

With a 1" sensor size and 29mm x 29mm footprint, the models can inspect fine structures, such as in PCB or display production. The PGI feature set for color and monochrome cameras corrects unwanted artifacts, the cameras offer a high-quality image evaluation at the pixel level.

The back-illuminated (BI) sensor technology of the Sony IMX183 provides sensitivity and low noise at a 2.4µm pixel size, suitable for low light conditions.


Ultrasonic cleaning machines

Ultrasonic cleaning machines, including industrial and bench top washers, are completely customizable.

Specialized requirements include the types and sizes of objects to be cleaned, and the type of contaminant needing to be removed.

The environmentally friendly soap solutions reduce the risk of contamination, labor, and chemical disposal costs, and employee exposure to toxins.


High-speed milling machine

The M8Cube Next high-speed milling machine, with the Datron touch-screen next control system, allows operators to use images to select tools and projects for milling. With the swipe of a finger, operators can position all three axes in a single movement. The camera/probe locates and measures workpieces for fast job setups, minimizing operator error.

Brushless, direct drives provide fast acceleration, feed rates up to 866ipm, and short cycle times. A 3kW, 40,000rpm, liquid-chilled spindle delivers horsepower for heavier machining and flexibility to mill various materials.

A 69" x 69" footprint and 40" x 28" x 9" (X, Y, Z) work area allow multiple setups to be configured and the combination of integrated work-holding systems, automation, and rotary axes.