Multi-spindle, 5-axis machine tools feature integrated robotic loading and unloading, plus vertical pallet storage for workpiece blanks and finished parts. The high-speed, high-precision machining centers, incorporated into plug-and-play manufacturing cells, decrease commissioning time.

The cells consist of dual-spindle SW BA 222 or BA WO2-22i machining centers and a 6-axis robot. Delivered as a crane-hook system for straight forward installation and setup, the robot is mounted overhead for increased freedom of motion and the pallet storage unit is set off to the side, allowing manual loading and unloading.

All mechanical connections – including coolant return, swarf conveyor, and electrical installation – are made before the cell leaves the factory.

SW North America

Compact 30° head

The Zayer 30° head is smaller and lighter than the typical, boxy 5-axis twist head, improving flexibility, accuracy, and strength. Suitable for positioning and continuous applications, it can reach tight spots, including negative 30° angles.

The head can also return to its home position after an accidental crash, allowing the operator to resume work almost immediately. Available with the option of an electro spindle, the head can reach speeds up to 24,000rpm while producing the same force as that of a traditional 5-axis twist head.

It maintains its precision and cutting strength in the unclamped position, and the turning point of the cutting tool allows for more accuracy because it can adjust to the geometry of the surface being machined. The head is standard on Zayer bed, bridge, gantry mills, and traveling columns. Lagun Engineering is the U.S. representative of Zayer.

Lagun Engineering

Updated CAM software

hyperMill 2018.2 CAM software includes enhancements for 3D milling and roughing. Automatic face extension, used during CAM programming, automatically extends selected milling surfaces, eliminating manual CAD work and improving corner cuts. Modules also support conical barrel cutters in addition to general and tangential cutters.

Programming ease and flexibility in defining special tools improve in 3D Optimized Roughing as the system recognizes and accounts for free tool geometries. Software can define different allowances and adapt the machining process accordingly. High-feed cutters have a special, easy-to-define cutting geometry, and hyperMill uses the free geometries of the cutting tool edge for calculation, simulation, and collision checking.

Open Mind Technologies