The fully sealed MM e-motion 4-jaw chuck provides contact-free adjustment of gripping forces without unclamping parts.

Individual electro-mechanical drives independently control and monitor each jaw, allowing many clamping functions including self-centering, compensating, and individual jaw movement within one fully automated chuck.

Designed for mill-turn applications and horizontal and vertical lathes, the MM e-motion supports heavy-duty precision machining of easily deformed workpieces. It provides automatic center adjustment for any workpiece shape or configuration including round, square, rectangular, and irregular shapes as well as workpieces with different wall thicknesses. A lightweight version is also available and suitable for limited mill-turn spindle load bearing capacity. It allows higher workpiece weight and a more usable Z stroke.

SMW Autoblok

2-axis horizontal turning centers

New Generation GL series 2-axis horizontal turning centers are available in four models with 11" to 19.3" (282mm to 490mm) max. cutting diameters and 23.6" to 47.2" (600mm to 1,200mm) Z travel. Designed for medium-to-high production environments, the GL series features high power, torque, and feed force. Models include the GL250, GL300, GL350, and GL450. Each uses durable roller ways on all axes for high rigidity. A built-in spindle motor with an incorporated chiller and direct-drive servomotors results in high response speed, accuracy, low vibration, and lower maintenance requirements. Chilling the motor increases life expectancy and produces less thermal expansion.

Romi Machine Tools Ltd.

Non-woven file belts

Vortex Rapid Prep Non-Woven File Belts improve surface finish when working with tight, intricate, complex parts. A high- performance ceramic grain blend cuts as quickly as a coarser grit size while producing finishes similar to a finer grit abrasive.

Norton | Saint-Gobain

Updated measurement software

Verisurf’s 2020 software update for automated quality inspection and reporting, 3D scanning and reverse engineering, tool building, and assembly guidance includes various reverse engineering tools with a Quick Surface modeling option, expanded device support to keep up with emerging measurement and data capture technologies, added productivity features, and features designed to support efficient measurement workflows.

Verisurf is dedicated to model-based definition (MBD) and built on a CAD/CAM platform, enabling greater compatibility, workflow integration, and more complete end-to-end solutions.

Verisurf Software Inc.