A rigid 2,300mm x 850mm table with 2,000mm x 800mm x 850mm traverse paths allows DMF 200|8 users in aerospace and die & mold to flexibly machine long structural components or mold inserts. Max. table load is 2,000kg.

Optimized tool change takes place behind the work table – fast, collision-free, and process-safe – so the entire clamping surface can be used. The DMF 200|8 working area is 50% larger than earlier models, allowing complex component machining using tools up to 400mm long.

A cantilevered Y-axis ensures constant rigidity across the travel path. Three linear guides in the X-axis reinforce machine stability for precise, productive machining. Even with the Y-slide fully extended, maximum spindle power can be achieved without the machine swinging up.

Extensive cooling measures ensure high thermal performance and long-term accuracy with small tolerances, while direct-driven ball screws in the Y- and Z-axes ensure consistent surface finishes.

Rapid traverse rates up to 50m/min are standard. With the optional linear drive in the X-axis, it reaches up to 80m/min for dynamic, highly productive machining.

The B-axis milling head has 6,000N•m maximum clamping torque and offers a ±120° swivel range for 5-axis machining flexibility.

A 15,000rpm speedMaster spindle is standard. A high-torque version with 200N•m is available in the modular spindle system as well as a 20,000rpm spindle.

Equipped with Siemens controls and the latest version of CELOS for digitized production, there’s also an interface for automated production, using for example, the PH Cell pallet.