Aug/Sep 2020 answer: North American T-6/AT-6 Texan/SNJ/Harvard

Rapid-fire facts

  • Primary roles: Interceptor, strike, electronic combat
  • First flight: August 14, 1974
  • Number built: 990 (all variants)
  • Primary users: Royal Air Force, German Air Force, Italian Air Force, Royal Saudi Air Force


  • Wingspan: 45ft 8" (13.9m) at 25° sweep
  • Length: 54ft 10" (16.7m)
  • Height: 19ft 6" (6.0m)
  • Max. speed: Mach 2.2
  • Engines: Turbo-Union RB199-34R Mk 103 afterburning turbofans

Aug/Sept 2020 winner

James S. Baum
Maintenance lead,
Shiloh Industries,
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

How long have you been in the aerospace business? 30 years

How did you become interested in aircraft? Back in high school with the Civil Air Patrol, and I continued.

What is your favorite aircraft and why? The Lockheed Constellation, as it is a thing of beauty, followed by the general-purpose Douglas C-47 transport.


Max Howk
Principal Engineer
Howk Associates
Phoenix, Arizona

Ray Zatorski
Vice President Engineering
Zatorski Coating Co. Inc.
East Hampton, Connecticut

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