Sandvik Coromant’s CoroTurn® 107 now offers a rail interface for round inserts and tool holders. With fixed insert indexes, you can ensure the insert is indexed the same way every time and increase quality and productivity for your profiling and pocketing operations.

1) What are the features of CoroTurn 107?

A new cubic boron nitride (CBN) platform with screw-mounted inserts and up to 12 insert indexes is available and will boost productivity in heat resistant super alloy (HRSA) materials. Fixed insert indexes enable standardized processes and indexing repeatability, and the rail interface locks the rotation of the insert, minimizing unwanted stops from insert or screw breakage.

2) How are chips controlled?

Tool holders are available with over- and under-coolant to provide good chip control and high process security, along with a new geometry and grade chain that provides chip control in a large application area, including finishing and non-linear turning.

3) What are the benefits of using inserts?

Insert indexing with 6, 8, or 12 indexes is easy and accurate, and the new L3 geometry is available for finishing applications, as well as positive, screw-mounted CBN inserts for HRSA materials. All inserts fit conventional CoroTurn® 107 tool holders but will then lose the benefit of indexability and precision coolant.

4) What do rail interfaces offer?

Rail interfaces on tool holders ensure mounting security and increase reliability, tool life, and productivity with under coolant and enable better chip control with over coolant. They also are available for Coromant Capto®, QS™ shank, and CoroTurn® SL head. Only the new inserts fit these tool holders.

5) What’s the best way to use CoroTurn® 107 for machining pockets?

When pocketing, use non-linear machining with CoroTurn® 107 for a more optimized and efficient strategy that reduces processing time, moves the wear point around the cutting edge, and reduces risk of vibrations and good chip control when entering the workpiece.

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About John Winter
John Winter started his career with Sandvik Coromant as a field sales representative working with customers to reduce costs and increase throughput. Today, he is part of Sandvik Coromant’s Global R&D organization, helping to ensure the company offers tooling that consistently supports day-to-day operations.