5-axis vertical machining center

The DA300 5-axis vertical machining center (VMC) offers speed, precision, and flexibility for complex part applications. Incorporating design characteristics from both vertical and horizontal machine platforms in a small machine footprint, the VMC features single setup, multi-side accessibility, or full-contouring capability.

Speeding spindle acceleration, positioning, and tool-changes reduces part cycle time and increases productivity.

The direct-drive, motor-driven A-axis table offers 150° (-120° to +30°) of tilt capability at 100rpm. The rotary C-axis has full 360° rotational positioning at 150rpm.

Designed to eliminate interferences in accessing the pallet, the DA300 can be configured using direct part handling as a stand-alone machine, manual handling using a table chuck and pallet, one of the workpiece pallet systems (WPS), or third-party automation using an Erowa chuck and pallet system. The DA300 can be field modified to add a 7- to 19-pallet workpiece pallet system.

Makino Inc.


Double-cooled turning insert

The Jetstream Tooling Duo for turning applications that involve titanium, superalloys, and other challenging materials precisely directs an upper coolant jet to the optimum point of the cutting insert’s rake face, while the additional jet flushes the clearance surface. The cutting edge receives high-pressure coolant from above and below, maximizing control of the chip flow as well as cooling the cutting zone. Adding the second coolant jet allows customers to increase tool life by 10% and achieve better surface finishes.

In addition to the standard mounted inducer for finishing and medium-roughing operations, an optional inducer can improve performance in roughing conditions where additional power is required on the chip side and in applications where chips tend to hit the inducer.

A P-holder lever design provides rigid locking of the insert for high indexation repeatability. The tooling is available for negative type inserts, including CNxx, WNxx, SNxx, DNxx and TNxx, and in shank and Seco-Capto options.

Seco Tools LLC


Machining software updated

Mastercam 2017 features improvements that make it faster and easier to create CNC programs for complex parts, enhancements that improve material removal safety and productivity, and extended support for a broader range of CNC manufacturing equipment, cutting tools, and other related technologies. Improvements include:

CAD for CAM – Special tools focused on preparing CAD models for efficient CNC programming and for designing tools and fixtures used during subsequent manufacturing processes. Solid Impresson helps quickly make custom fixtures while Solid Disassemble takes an assembly and lays each body out for easier machining.

2D enhancements – Dynamic Motion toolpaths include Dynamic Mill Line Of Sight micro lifts that use an intelligent line-of-sight approach to move the tool as it travels through unobstructed areas. Users will see a reduction in air cutting, better machine cycles, and smaller program files.

Multi-axis – To program complex parts for manufacturing on 4- and 5-axis CNC equipment, Advanced Rotary 4-Axis automatically constructs the appropriate toolpath based on a short sequence of predefined steps. Stock Aware Multiaxis Drilling simplifies and automates the creation of multi-axis hole drilling operations.

Mill-turn – To make mill-turn programs easier to visualize and create, Multi-Station Tool Locators for turrets and half index positions set tool locator positions in the redesigned turret setup, so turrets that could only support 12 tools can now show 50 in the same real area.

Improved workflow – CAM programming tools are brought to the forefront and organization has been enhanced, making it easier for users to take advantage of Dynamic Motion toolpaths to improve machining cycles and reduce tool wear.

CNC Software Inc.


MU-4000V for 5-axis machining

The MU-4000V provides high-speed, process-intensive machining combined with turning and 5-axis multitasking machining. It features the OSP-P300A control that includes new apps and widgets, a motion control system, and a reduction in start-up time to improve operator efficiency.

This machine features a large work envelope and substantial base in a compact footprint. The 9,700kg machine’s B-axis trunnion is supported so there is no overhanging mass. Fully supported axes construction allows for spindles ranging from 12,000rpm to 25,000rpm to handle complex and difficult-to-machine materials.

The automation design places pallet changes at the back of the machine, allowing connection to a Palletace flexible manufacturing system or pallet pool. The machine can be fitted with 32- to 64-tool-chain magazine systems or 64-plus matrix cabinets.

The standard 5-axis auto tuning system automatically measures and compensates for up to 11 geometric errors to ensure precision machining.

Okuma America Corp.


Honing for high-volume processing of small parts

The automated SHA-4000 horizontal honing machine is for high-volume processing of small parts. With the SH-4000 as a base, the SHA-4000 integrates part handling automation with heavy-duty production part fixturing.

The machine’s servo ballscrew stroker delivers precision and repeatability for honing in blind bores, while a longer stroke length of 400mm (15.75") allows the SHA-4000 to take on deeper bores. For faster setup, the machine’s front and rear stroking positions can be set with a joystick on the operator station.

A servo-linear hybrid feed system produces consistent, predictable performance throughout the pressure range and delivers superior feed control for small bore processing. Cutting pressure can be adjusted in 4.5N (1 lb-ft) increments to a maximum of 2,224N (500 lb-ft). High cutting pressure capability and two-step honing offer fast stock removal coupled with a precise finish step, all in one operation.

A direct collet connection allows quick changeover when using high-production MMT tooling and an easy-setup and runout-adjustable adapter enables use of standard Sunnen mandrels. Standard features, such as cycle-time control and automatic size control, prevent glazing of the abrasives.

The digital honing indicator is user-configurable, and other standard control features include zero shutoff, stone wear compensation, feed speed regulation (stone saver), spindle reverse, speed changes while in cycle, inch/metric selectable units, system diagnostics, cycle dwell, in-process short stroking, and 13 operator languages.

The standard coolant system, with a PF filter cartridge standard, has 208L (55 gal) capacity.

Sunnen Products Co.