NextGen control

The Next Generation Control (NGC) CNC control features an improved user interface, more consistent and intuitive navigation, and improved connectivity.

The NGC is faster, smarter, and looks better, but still maintains the operator ease-of-use. The layout and screens are very similar to past Haas controls, but are better-organized and easier to read with updated colors and enhanced graphics, easing the transition from the previous generation Haas control.

Haas Automation Inc.

8-axis CNC tool, cutter grinders

The Model 9200 8-axis CNC tool and cutter grinder features a 27hp (20kW) direct-drive grinding spindle to manufacture ultra-precise tools and components as well as drills, endmills, and reamers used in the aerospace industry. Equipped with Yaskawa AC drive amplifiers and an automatic pick-n-place parts loader/unloader for continuous grinding of parts, the Model 9200 uses a precision probe to assure repeatability of parts. It can be equipped with an on-board electric wheel dressing system.

Unison’s EZ Software allows the machine’s operator to quickly customize and/or modify tool geometry with a user friendly interface by filling in blanks and then verifying the part program by using the machine’s real-time 3D Parts Predictor. Each machine is supplied with software and library of tool programs. The computer control monitors critical machine functions and alerts the operator to issues encountered during grinding. Errors are tracked and logged within the control to help identify problems. The Model 9200 can be networked and/or monitored via the Internet and can be equipped with a remote connect feature allowing direct communication with Unison.

Unison Corp.

Phase-toughened ceramic insert grade

XSYTIN-1, a phase-toughened ceramic insert grade, is engineered to mill, turn, and groove difficult materials at extreme feed rates with the high surface footage of ceramic inserts.

XSYTIN-1 is for use in interrupted cuts, scale removal, roughing, semi-finish and finish cuts in heat-resistant super alloys, cast irons, nodular irons, ductile irons, compacted graphite iron, steel alloys, and stainless steels.

The structure of this new phase-toughened ceramic exhibits high wear resistance and outstanding thermal shock resistance, which makes XSYTIN-1 a very predictable, high-performance product.

XSYTIN-1 is available in a variety of ANSI/ISO geometries.

Greenleaf Corp.