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Rapid-fire facts

  • First flight: March 8, 1954
  • Roles: Troop/VIP transport, anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue
  • Number built: 2,108
  • Produced: 1953 to 1970


  • Rotor diameter: 56ft 0” (17.07m)
  • Length: 56ft 8.5” (17.28m)
  • Height: 15ft 11” (4.85m)
  • Max. speed: 173mph (278km/h)
  • Engine: Wright R-1820-84, 1,525hp (1,137kW)
July answer:

Convair C990 Coronado

July winner:

Michael Kearney, Product Engineer, Specialty Cable Corp., Wallingford, Connecticut

How long have you been in the aerospace business?

15 years

How did you become interested in aircraft?

Having a job in aerospace, my interest has steadily increased, having dealt with aircraft wiring systems every day for those last 15 years.

What is your favorite aircraft (and why)?

My favorite is the SR71 Blackbird, for all the obvious reasons.


John Carrns

Engineering Director

L-3 Communications Corp.

Muskegon, Michigan

Ward Burrows

Senior Design Engineer

Ancra Int.’l LLC

Azusa, California

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