On display at Fabtech 2017:

OMAX 80X– JetMachining center with tilt-a-jet cutting head, rotary axis, 50hp EnduroMAX pump. Designed for precision processing large, complex components or multiple parts; Tilt-A-Jet cutting head’s automated taper compensation achieves nearly zero taper cutting without slowing down. With a water- resistant, rotary axis head for 3D parts production, the machine’s capabilities expand to cut in as many as six axes. 
MAXIEM 1530– A-Jet cutting head, rapid water level control, 40hp pump. Machining advantages in a cost-efficient waterjet machine with range of available accessories; A-Jet articulated cutting head for beveled edges, angled sides, and countersinks. OMAX’s rapid water level control allows for quiet, clean submerged cutting. 

OMAX Corp.

Fabtech booth #A-4838

Grinding steady rests

The AS series of grinding steady rests have been added to the grinding applications portfolio. Narrow retractable arms support easy automated part loading and increased grind envelope accessibility, preventing interference with oil hole journals. Available in standard gripping diameters from 0.39" (10mm) to 5.59" (142mm), the AS series steady rests can accommodate eccentric throw with body modifications for crank lobe clearance.

Kitagawa North-Tech Inc.


Tube fabricating solutions

On display at Fabtech 2017:

LT8.10 – 3kW fiber laser tube cutting system handles a variety of materials for tube diameters up to 9.5" (241mm); designed for highly reflective materials such as brass, copper, and aluminum; can process round, square, rectangle, special shaped tube or bar and open profiles.

Smart – Processes tubes with diameters up to 1" (28mm); compact layout; integrated loading/unloading enables automated non-stop operation; suited for bending complicated shapes, multiple radii tubes; range of configurations from manual to robotic loading or with automated loaders designed to handle straight tubes or pre-assembled tubes with formed ends, flanges, or fittings; managed from a single point via VGP3D software.

Elect 102 – Bends tubes up to 4" (102mm) diameter and multiple radii using stack tooling for right-hand or left-hand bending; up to eight tools can be fitted at the same time; variable radius tools can be used in any position.

E-TURN 52 – Handles tube configurations including round, square, rectangular, flat-sided, oval, and elliptical; tube can be automatically loaded, bent, and unloaded all in one machine, bending tube up to 2" (50.8mm) diameter and can automatically predict and calculate the behavior of the tube during operation.

BLM Group USA www.blmgroup.com

Fabtech booth #B-11010

Horizontal turning center

The Puma 2600 SY II 10" class, sub- spindle, Y-axis horizontal turning center is designed for rigidity and accuracy. A standard active thermal compensation system decreases the effects thermal deformation by 60% to 70% compared to the previous model. NTN slide bearings are on the carriage axis box guideways improve fine movement by more than 40% and wear resistance by more than 30%. Feed box and X-axis bearing mounts have been reinforced for high rigidity.

A built-in spindle minimizes vibration and provides better acceleration, generating 22kW (30hp) and 599Nm (442.1 ft-lb) of torque. Improved spindle run out (6µm) delivers high precision and improved surface finishes.

The redesigned 12-station milling turret offers improved durability and increased clamping force while BMT tooling provides rigidity for heavy chip removal, fine surface finishes, long boring bar overhang ratios, and extended tool life.

Doosan Machine Tools America


Monoblock boring bar

The Cut G1221-P grooving boring bar with precision cooling for recessing and internal grooving has two coolant holes:

  • One allows coolant to exit the insert top clamp directly to the cutting edge in the radial groove, providing precision cooling
  • Another, at the front of the bar, can be left open to evacuate chips out of a blind bore or sealed off in a through-bore to provide increased coolant to the cutting edge

An O-ring is recessed into the bar clamping diameter to prevent pressure loss and provide leak-free coolant supply to the cutting interface. With the UF8 chip geometry, the system offers process reliability and productivity, consistent surface quality, and longer tool life.

It can be used in the normal and overhead positions and holds GX09 and GX16 inserts with widths from 0.062" to 0.125" (0.8mm to 3.5mm). The system is suitable for internal grooves from Dmin = 0.63" (16mm) and for grooving up to depths of 0.39" (10mm) in all ISO material groups.

Walter USA LLC


Magazine bar feeder

The GT 112-E automatic magazine bar feeder for sliding headstock machines supports unattended production using small bar stock with diameters from 0.8mm to 11mm (12.7mm with bar preparation).

A dual U-shaped guiding channel with sectional guiding channel cover, combined with a self-centering bar clamping system, matches the diameter range of the lathe. The single pitch screw magazine keeps small bars separated for reliable loading.

GT 112-E versions are available for 12ft 2" bars and for 6ft 6" bars. Setup requires input of bar diameter, feed out length, and guiding element diameter; the bar feeder automatically sets pushing torque, forward speed, and feeding length.

LNS America


5-axis gantry mill

The FZU compact, 5-axis gantry milling machine features a thermo-symmetrical design with milling spindle, guides, and accuracy-determining components arranged so heating is either compensated or can expand in uncritical directions. The frame consists of a steel welded construction that forms a continuous U-shape. The machine gantry’s centrally guided Z-slide has an octagonal section for stability.

The VH10 spindle head has minimal interference contours and a 34kW spindle with a maximum speed of 24,000rpm. The FZU door is divided asymmetrically – a small, easy-to-open door leads into the machining area, while the large door is used for loading – offering a large field of view, rapid access to the machining area, and space for loading.

Zimmermann Inc.


Tool monitoring

Industry 4.0 application BENZ i.com Smart-Factory monitors, scans, saves, and processes tool data to provide current conditions. BENZ i.com transfers that data to an app via NFC and Bluetooth, either in real time or after specific events. Users are notified of a product’s state, helping extend service life of a tooling unit by identifying optimum service intervals and minimizing production standstills.

Working with a receiver module, the solution communicates directly with the machine control system and can trigger automatic lubrication or emergency stop as required.



Drill, countersink tool

Developed for dry machining, a drill with special geometry ensures the heat caused by machining is not transferred to the component. By eliminating minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), the component and working environment are not contaminated with coolant.

The drill’s two cutting edges are made of solid carbide, combining the properties of an aluminum machining drill with those of a drill for carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). With a double point angle, it ensures good centering of the drill, minimum burr formation at the bore outlet, and chip removal from the chip spaces. Delamination and fiber protrusion are avoided in countersinking in CFRP with the rake face correction at the countersink step. The drill is diamond-coated, delivering 8x tool life compared with an uncoated drill.

Mapal Inc.


Welding enclosure

Welding titanium or nickel alloy parts requires purging the welding zone of oxygen to a level as low as 10 parts per million (ppm). HFT flexible welding enclosures offer an option, featuring fast purging time down to a few ppm of oxygen. The enclosures are designed for small production quantities of items that need total gas coverage as well as single large items with critical joints.

Translucent material and optically clear sheet are used, depending on the viewing requirements. Large access zips are fitted to each enclosure and additional entry points can be provided for operators’ gloves. A service panel incorporates access ports for welding torches, electrical leads, and water-cooling supplies. A purge gas entry port and exhaust valve are also manufactured as standard to vent displaced gas into the atmosphere.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques