Using e-Connect solutions, LNS Group is integrating its products, particularly barfeeders, into customer’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution system (MES) operations.

“This will allow LNS customers to get full transparency about their production workload of each machine, production cycle times, and expected production completion delivered in real time,” says Carlos Muniz, global product manager barfeed, LNS Group.

While the e-Connect solutions to the machine tool and people are essential, another major step is the upcoming integration into the customers’ ERP, MES, and quality control (QC) operations.

“LNS is developing software drivers which will gather relevant information from the peripheral, and through a middleware, feed it to applications or systems such as ERP, MES, or QC,” Muniz says.

Tailor-made for each customer software platform, the real-time monitoring of all processes can help clients save time and resources.

Miniature IP68-rated data recorder

The SLICE IP68 data acquisition system from DTS captures physical signals in challenging environments. Targeted at applications with size or mass constraints, The unit’s 60mm x 60mm footprint allows it to be embedded in most test articles. The housing is impervious to shock, water, and dust. It features onboard signal conditioning to support a variety of external sensors including bridge and IEPE transducers that gather critical measurements such as acceleration, displacement, strain, pressure, temperature, and voltage. Data direct-writes to 16GB of internal flash memory.

Three channel sensor input layers are stacked and configurable up to 24 channels. Higher channel count systems can be created by daisy-chaining stacks together.

Low-power differential measurement system

Stable, small, and low-power measuring, the KD-5100 differential measurement system provides resolution to 1nm of positional change, making it suitable for night vision systems.

At 2" x 2.12" x 0.75", the KD-5100 is manufactured to MIL-H-38534, with MIL-SPEC components used throughout the electronics module wherever possible. It features rugged construction with a mean time between failure of better than 238,000 hours in space flight and 55,000 hours in tactical environments.

Rugged, flexible EtherCAT I/O cubes

EtherCAT compliant I/O cubes, the DNA-ECAT series of I/O chassis, includes a CPU module designed to run as an EtherCAT slave. The DNA-ECAT line offers I/O flexibility, including compatibility with more than 60 different I/O boards, and can handle -40°C to +85°C, 5g vibration, and 100g shock.

The DNA-ECAT CPU Module occupies the top portion of the cube and provides the CPU, Ethernet network interface controller (NIC), indicator lights, timing/trigger interface, configuration ports, and internal power supply. In addition to connecting to other cubes, the series can be installed in any chain with ETG conforming devices. The remainder of the cube is dedicated to I/O slots or layers populated with the I/O modules that are selected to match the users’ process or test application.

The EtherCAT does not require Ethernet switches/routers for multi-chassis connectivity. The network is a daisy-chain, where an input cable comes from the host/master and then an output cable goes to another EtherCAT device. Other key EtherCAT specifications include: built- in watchdog timers, safe state default conditions, and cable redundancy.

Nook Industries, Helix Linear Technologies separate

Nook Industries officials announce the separation of its former subsidiary, Helix Linear Technologies. Nook and Helix operate as independent entities.

Nook Industries remains the single source for their manufactured linear motion products, including PowerAC acme screws, ActionJac jack screws, and PowerTrac ball screw assemblies.

Flexible PIFA antenna for metal surfaces

An adhesive-backed flexible antenna to be used directly on metal surfaces, the mFlexPIFA is about the size and thickness of a quarter. Based on a planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA) structure, it is comprised of a Mylar antenna element with a foam core.

The mFlexPIFA antenna is available in a 2.4GHz version for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread, and general industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) applications. It is also certified for use in selected Laird Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules.

The antenna can be placed directly onto metal surfaces without detuning. It also can be used on concave or convex metal surfaces.

High-resolution sensors

The ace L product line, an expansion of the ace series that includes 12 new cameras with the high-resolution CMOS sensors from Sony’s Pregius line, offers resolutions of 9MP and 12MP and frame rates up to 40fps. Featuring IMX253, IMX255, IMX267, and IMX304 sensors, they offer precise image quality with a range of more than 70dB and a high quantum efficiency across a broad spectrum of visible light into the near infrared.

With a 30mm x 40mm footprint, ace L models accommodate large- format sensors and offer simple integration. Models are available with the GigE or USB 3.0 interface, and conform to GigE Vision 2.0 or the USB3 Vision standard. The ace L color models also include the PGI feature set for in-camera image optimization.

Ritter Technology forms Motion & Control Enterprises

Motion & Control Enterprises LLC (MCE) is a Ritter Technology holding company that will oversee operations for current and recently acquired divisions of the company.

MCE will oversee operations for RitterTech and Primet Fluid Power, acquired in February 2017; Tri-State Hose & Fitting, acquired in April 2017; and Fluid Systems Engineering, acquired in May 2017.

In coordination with the announcement, MCE has launched a new company website.

Bimba IntelliAxis moves loads in two-dimensions

IntelliAxis multi-axis electric linear robot actuators – for either X-Z or X-Y motion applications – employ a 2-axis system with a single continuous belt that serpentines around the axes, eliminating the need for a motor in the Z- or Y-axis while driving a pair of coordinated motors in the X-axis. T-bot and H-bot configurations allow synchronized control for complex motion movement profiles.

Intended for medium- and heavy-duty 2-axis industrial applications that require flexible motion within a two-dimensional plane, IntelliAxis offers high speed motion with a robust load and moment loading capacity. It is configured for pick & place, sorting, loading, assembly, and other material handling tasks.

The system offers higher thrust and speeds than traditional linear actuator systems, while the single belt system reduces Z-axis load and X-axis motor size.