Stripper Q-17, a powdered, heavy-duty alkaline paint stripper for ferrous metals, also removes light rust and coatings. It has cleaning properties and disperses particulate and oily soils, making it suitable for cleaning, maintenance, and restoration/refurbishment.

Madison Chemical Co.

SMD ceramic fuse

Extending the MGA range of 1206 SMD ceramic fuses, the MGA-A is lead-free, and protects against tin whisker and dendrite formation.

With its robust thin-film construction, hermetic seal, and operating temperature range of -55°C to 125°C, the MGA-A can be used in sensitive aviation electronics and in industrial-grade applications including intrinsically safe applications according to ATEX and IECEx requirements.

The MGA-A is cURus approved for 0.2A to 5A, with a breaking capacity up to 300A at 125VDC for currents up to 3A; 32VDC for 4A and 5A versions. Humidity and moisture tested to MIL STD 202; shock and vibration tested to IEC 60068-2.

Schurter Inc.

Laser measurement system

Using technology developed for the XM-60 multi-axis calibrator, the XM-600 laser measurement system offers enhanced capability to connect directly with universal coordinate measuring machine (CMM) controllers (UCC). This allows faster and easier error mapping, measuring all six degrees of freedom from a single setup, in any orientation for linear axes.

The XM-600 communicates easily with UCC software during calibration to quickly build a complete error map of the CMM, supported by UCCsuite V5.4 and higher.

The XM-600 has the same compatibility with CARTO software as the XM-60.

Renishaw Inc.

Hydroforming press

The Triform 610-20-3SC compact, deep-draw sheet hydroforming press uses a single, unmated tool and a pressurized rubber diaphragm to form net-shape parts that typically do not require additional finishing. It offers high forming pressure and comes standard with 20,000psi. Its 6" x 10" oval forming area has a draw depth up to 3".

Other features include simple programmability, recipe handling, and the ability to perform as a fluid cell sheet hydroforming press when the punch is removed.

Beckwood Press Co.

Clamping levers with eccentrical cam

GN 927 clamping levers feature an eccentrical cam, in tapped-type and threaded-stud versions. The RoHS-compliant levers offer torque-free rapid clamping and releasing, and movement cannot exceed the maximum clamping position. There are no loose components, since all are assembled and mounted in order. Thrust forces of up to 1.8 lb (8N) can be obtained.

JW Winco Inc.

Triple-action press

A triple-action hydraulic press is equipped with inner slides and a cushion system for deep-drawing part forming. Its inner/outer slide can work individually or inter-locked to achieve higher capacity working force. A moving bolster eases die change.

An accumulator speeds up production efficiency.

DEES Hydraulic Industrial Co. Ltd

Inspection software

Edgecam Inspect can rapidly generate on-machine measurement cycles with efficient toolpaths and reliable measurements, providing probe path generation for in-process and end-item part inspections.

Complex CNC machining operations can be validated with in-process measurements. When producing high-value parts, the software develops a probe path and integrates measurement cycles with machining cycles.

An available set of geometric features and constructions measure part characteristics, such as webs, pockets, thicknesses, and heights. The user interface and work flow allow transitions from programming CAM cycles to measurement cycles.

Algorithms for managing probe radius compensation ensure correct measurement results under multi-axis measurement scenarios.

Vero Software

Mill-turn control technology

The TNC 640 mill-turn control features touch technology, allowing the user to navigate quickly through long lists, programs, tables, and other content by using gestures.

Programming and 3D test graphics can be moved directly on the screen – dynamically, smoothly, and without jerks.

The minimum requirement for NC Software version is 340 59x-07 SP2. The hardware enabling touch control are the MC8532 main computer and the BF 860 color flat-panel.

The MC 8532 features A 19" touchscreen, an Intel Core i7 processor with 1.7GHz on SSDR, and 4GB RAM memory. The BF 860 offers 4 USB ports.

Heidenhain Corp.

Hybrid 3D metal printer/mill

The LENS 860 Hybrid Controlled Atmosphere (CA) system supports building, repairing, coating, and finishing metal parts.

The system has an 860mm x 600mm x 610mm work envelope and is equipped with a hermetically-sealed build chamber that maintains oxygen and moisture levels less than 10ppm for processing reactive metals such as titanium. It can be configured with closed-loop controls and a 3kW fiber laser.

By milling, the system can perform finished machining on a printed part without re-fixturing or aligning the component on a second machine.

Optomec software enables 5-axis build strategies that combine additive and subtractive operations in a single tool path.


MIG, TIG weld cleaning system

The SURFOX 305, an electrochemical weld cleaning system removes heat tint from the heat- affected zone of MIG, TIG, and spot welds on stainless steel and aluminum. It cleans the surface without disrupting passivation on stainless steel or altering the surface finish, and its dynamic current control protects the surface against micro-pitting. An integrated tank and flow-through system delivers the electrolyte solution directly to the workpiece to minimize spillage or cross-contamination.

Walter Surface Technologies USA