The AR-40 articulating torque reaction arm for enhanced operator ergonomics and improved production quality delivers up to 40 lb-ft of torque reaction through a working range of 4.5" to 27". Tools up to 10 lb and 2.0" in diameter can be maneuvered with complete freedom without the operator having to support the tool weight, enhancing ergonomics and eliminating tool-use injuries, while maintaining tool perpendicularity. Equally suited for vertical or horizontal fastening orientations, the AR-40 is completely mechanical, without an external power source. A cable balancer, calibrated to tool weight and torque, allows weight adjustment at the operator’s fingertips. Universal mounting and a small footprint enable it to integrate into virtually any manufacturing environment.

FlexArm Inc.

Miniature displacement pumps

Radial-piston design in 200 series miniature positive displacement pumps self-primes at altitude and reduces cavitation. The 124mm-long pumps meet critical requirements for military engines and operate for 1,000 hours before overhaul or replacement.

A brushless DC motor with Hall sensor feedback allows precise control of variable flow, optimizing efficiency in changing conditions.

The pump delivers up to 235pph flows and operates at pressures up to 115psia from -57°C to 110°C.

Custom designs with filter screens and integrated motor drive and control are also available.

Lee Products Ltd.

Single-board computers, lower power consumption

Integrating the ultra-low power T4xx1 processor family from NXP into four high-performing single-board computers (SBCs) reduces power consumption, meeting the challenges of SWaP-C optimization throughout rugged and mobile environments.

NXP T4xx1 multicore QorIQ PowerPCs, including the T4241, T4161, and T4081 variants, reduce thermal power across an extended temperature range.

The low-power series is available on the C912 3U VPX SBC, which offers up to 12 e6500 PowerPC cores, as well as on the C111 6U VME and C112 6U VPX SBCs, all of which have NXP’s Trust Architecture 2.0, providing a cybersecurity processing environment for sensitive data security and supervisory control.

The low-power processors offer a temperature range of -40°C to 105°C on all 1.8GHz speed bins and thermal power reduction of up to 21%.

Aitech Defense Systems Inc.

DVI cable assemblies

A series of digital visual interference (DVI) cable assemblies feature straight, 45°, and right-angle connector options.

Suitable for tight-fit and confined space DVI applications, DVI cables are used in enclosures, cabinets, or other confined spaces where standard DVI connectors do not fit.

For applications that require standard, straight DVI connectors, a selection of DVI cable assemblies with DVI-D Dual Link, DVI-D Single Link, and DVI-I Dual Link connector options address various digital video applications.


SATA card

The Kaman SATA card is hermetically sealed with a small form factor, high memory density, and withstands operations in extreme environments. The card is compliant to MIL-STD-461F and suitable for fighter aircraft, helicopters, and ground army applications.

It features throughput of 100MB/sec, capacity of up to 512GB, and 3.3V operation. The card operates at temperatures ranging from -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C), at altitudes up to 40,000ft.

The card uses a standard ATA command set and is compatible with USB-equipped computers/laptops using a ground station adaptor. An intelligent controller, including reading/writing hardware and software, supports declassification commands for highly sensitive applications requiring data erasure.

Kaman Precision Products

Hybrid stepper actuators

Stepper motor linear actuators include models with built-in anti-rotational guidance. The motorized lead screw actuator (MLA) saves designers of high-precision, shorter-stroke applications cost, time, and maintenance related to designing and building externally guided systems.

Surrounding the shaft is an aluminum cover tube with molded internal splines that lock onto the nut to keep it from turning. An integrated bushing allows it to withstand small radial and moment loads.

It is suited for space-constrained, force-sensitive applications requiring shorter strokes that must be repeated with high precision. Suitable applications have stroke lengths shorter than 2.5"; have loads lighter than 200 lb-ft on various motor sizes; and require speeds less than 20ips.