When working with heat-resistant superalloys (HRSAs), Secomax CW100 ceramic insert grades offer solutions for unpredictable tool life and slow rough-machining speeds. Featuring new geometries for whisker-reinforced ceramics, the solution line supports challenging aerospace applications involving Inconel 718, Hastelloy, Waspaloy, MAR, Nimonic, Rene, Udimet, and other HRSAs.

Seco Tools

Laser scanner

For fast and accurate inspection, the Hexagon RS6 laser scanner measures up to 1.2 million points/sec with a scan rate of 300Hz. It has a 150mm laser stripe at mid-range and a visual guide providing real-time feedback for stand-off distance.

Built using Systematic High-Intelligence Noise Elimination (SHINE) technology, the RS6 offers full scanning performance without reductions in quality or productivity on challenging surfaces such as molded carbon-fiber.

SHINE allows users to scan 99% of parts without changing scanner exposure, delivering 3x faster frame rates, a 30% wider laser stripe, and consistent scanning performance on difficult surfaces.

With a mounted scanner arm, measurement requires less preparation, less set up, and fewer settings, and it scans with full frame, full line width.

Repeatable mounting (using the Absolute Arm 7-axis) allows the scanner to be removed and replaced without calibration. The scanner is certified ISO 10360 8 on all 7-axis RA8 Absolute Arms.

Exact Metrology Inc.

Vertically articulated robot

The RV-8CRL vertically articulated robot arm offers a high-quality solution at a lower price for various applications. Its smaller base size expands the effective working area, and compatibility with safety intelligence components makes the RV-8CRL versatile enough for pick-and-place, inspection, and general assembly.

Designed for easy implementation, robust safety options, and reduced downtime and maintenance, the robot arm’s internal wiring and piping makes it easier to install, while its IP65 rating makes it dust tight and protected against water spray, widening application suitability.

RV-8CRL also features auxiliary components for safety, such as MELFA Safe Plus. This component uses additional sensors to reduce speed and limit the range of robots up to a full stop when it detects people or objects nearby. In addition, its internal encoders don’t require battery backup, allowing it to maintain the same settings without the battery.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.