Photo courtesy of Niigata

The HN800-V is a horizontal machining center (HMC) offering the performance of a high-speed jig borer.

Built with the rigidity and accuracy necessary to perform ultra-precise contour machining and boring, the HN800-V features inverted V-shaped slideways to achieve volumetric accuracy of 0.00005" per foot. The V-shaped slideway system provides superior stability and long-term axis straightness to minimize pitch and yaw motion. Hand-scraped slideways and hardening-processed slide guides maximize machine durability.

The geared high-torque spindle is constructed with seven sets of wide-spaced, high-precision angular contact and roller bearings with a single-piece headstock casting for greater stability than bolt- together type spindle heads.

The pallet clamping system’s clamper plate ensures optimum down force and increased clamping forces during extreme cutting conditions. Jets of air discharge from tapered cones when the pallet is changed for a clean seating surface and for proper clamping.

Niigata Machine Techno USA Inc.

Photo courtesy of Suhner

Multi-spindle drills

The PolyDrill family of multi-spindle heads includes fixed and adjustable hole pitches and compact models for a variety of situations.

Standard drilling capacity is between 0.06" to 1.00" (1.5mm to 25mm), minimum hole spacing is 0.27" (7.00mm), and maximum hole spacing is nearly limitless. Optional tool holders include ER, ST, JT33, Weldon, and custom styles. Axial and radial compensation and custom layout and spacing are optional.

Multi-spindle heads MH 20/5, MH 20/7, and MH 20/10 have 4,000rpm max. speed and max. drilling capacities of 5mm, 7mm, and 10mm, respectively. The MH 20/13 [shown] has a 13mm max. drilling capacity and 3,000rpm max. speed.

The MHF has up to 10 spindles, a custom-made pattern, and fixed spindle distance. MHFP is equipped with 8 spindles with preloaded angular contact bearings for use of carbide tools and fixed spindle distance. The VG 4-8 drive system powers up to 8 machining units with a single motor with flex shaft power delivery.

Suhner Industrial Products Corp.

Photo courtesy of Mitutoyo

Non-contact measuring unit

The Roundtracer Flash non-contact measuring unit offers more speed and versatility to the Form Measurement line. Features include:

  • Side-by-side 2D image architecture combines images from different sensors, generates single workpiece image with no defects, gaps at stitching edges
  • Measures parts up to 300mm without sensor, part vertical movement
  • Executes 100 static measurements in 2 seconds
  • Captures 2D images with no Z-axis movement for consistent profiles, part geometries
  • One-button operation
  • Easy smart factory implementation when using external robot system to automate workpiece loading
  • 7 available USB ports for data output, code reading

Mitutoyo America Corp.